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HVAC Design and Delivery

Details Matter

At Innovative Home Solutions NW, we specialize in new construction, remodels and residential HVAC systems.


Pre-Construction Services

Bring us your drawings and let us collaborate with your design team. This ensures we install a system that suites your needs and maintains the aesthetics of your build.

Duct Design and Implementation

What you can not see is what you feel. We pride ourselves on installing duct work that is properly sized for  your house. Do not be fooled by other contractors who provide you with large equipment but cut costs by installing small duct work. These are the hidden savings and it costs you comfort and system longevity.


Innovative System Design

Depending on your preferences and what your design dictates we can provide you with many "Innovative" options for your heating and cooling needs.

Love what you see? Call us today and get an estimate for your next project.

HVAC Design and Delivery: Projects

Types of Systems

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Forced Air System

This is the conventional Furnace / Air Handler with duct work that everyone is familiar with.

Ductless Mini-Split System

These systems are great for remodels where the existing duct work is inadequate and replacing or repairing them is difficult. Ductless units allow There several types of ductless units; the wall unit, the ceiling recessed and the low wall recessed.

Ducted Mini-Split System

This is a hybrid system that gives you the benefits of a conventional forced air system and a ductless Mini-Split system. In essence these are mini furnaces that can be installed to heat and cool a localized area and maintains the look of a forced air system.

Interior Design
HVAC Design and Delivery: Projects
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